Creation of personalized standards

Our team of mystery shopper audit experts are thoroughly trained to provide an in-depth assessment of the entire customer experience. We go above and beyond standard expectations by examining every detail, from the initial greeting to the last interaction, including the quality of services and compliance with established standards. Our detailed reports provide a clear view of your establishment’s strengths, while identifying areas requiring improvement.

Based on our experience, we offer you the opportunity to create your personalized hotel standards.


Creation of Personalized Standards – Your Identity, Our Standards

At Girault-Pasqué, we understand that each establishment has a unique identity. This is why we do not offer standardized solutions, but rather a tailor-made approach. In close collaboration with you, we develop standards specific to your establishment, reflecting your vision, your values and the expectations of your customers. These standards become the foundation on which your quest for operational excellence rests.

Unrivaled sector expertise

With many years of experience in the hospitality industry, we understand the specific challenges you face. Our expert team combines in-depth industry knowledge with cutting-edge analytical skills to provide you with practical, actionable recommendations.

Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Our commitment to operational excellence translates into strategic advice aimed at constantly improving service quality. Girault-Pasqué is your trusted partner to strengthen your reputation, increase customer satisfaction and stimulate loyalty to your establishment.

Find out how Girault-Pasqué can transform your establishment into a benchmark of excellence. Contact us today for a personalized consultation on our mystery shopper auditing and standards creation services tailored to your unique identity.

With Girault-Pasqué, every detail counts and excellence becomes a reality.