Catering is the school of taste and pleasure!

Mystery shopper for top restaurants, gourmet restaurants and starred restaurants.

Girault-Pasqué has developed a specific offer for restaurants wishing to assess and improve their performance and quality of service.

Our offer is aimed at all major restaurants, gourmet restaurants and of course starred restaurants.

Your restaurant is analyzed from several angles, paying particular attention to various elements such as the reception environment, the quality of service and the equipment made available for the well-being of your client.

Girault-Pasqué carries out a complete analysis of your establishment in order to check your quality of service and to guarantee a better perception of your structure. They bring you concrete solutions and support you throughout the implementation of these if necessary.

This service will allow you to have advice and sound advice to obtain solutions adapted to your restaurant.

It is now recognized around the world that the quality of French restaurants, their training and their DNA brings a real culture of the art of the table and traditional catering as well as a real culinary knowledge and room service.

Girault-Pasqué will be uncompromising in the delivery and quality of services so that you can provide an unforgettable culinary experience and retain your customers.

All the points will be checked carefully in order to have an irreproachable service. A methodical and complete examination of the room and the establishment in general as well as of the service will be given to you in the form of a report in order to identify areas for improvement.

An external and professional look makes it possible to highlight aspects not detected internally.


Here are some points of analysis

  • Respect for the restaurant tradition
  • Hygiene check (Room, WC …)
  • Server pedagogy
  • Quality of service
  • Checking of staff clothing and cleanliness
  • Room layout
  • Presentation of the card
  • Distribution of service time