The sense of hospitality and detail make the reputation of a hotel!

Mystery shopper large hotels & palaces, quality and satisfaction audit for luxury hotels.

Girault-Pasqué will be uncompromising in the delivery and quality of services so that you can satisfy and retain your customers by providing them with an unforgettable experience.

When carrying out their audit, the reception environment, the services, the quality of the hotel services, the cleanliness, the equipment made available in the rooms in particular and many other points will be checked.

All the services, facilities and activities offered as well as the facilities within the hotel will be surveyed to ensure that they provide a positive experience for the guest who will stay with you.

From arrival to departure, Girault-Pasqué analyzes all the services provided by your hotel for you and informs you of areas for improvement through a detailed quality and satisfaction audit report.

We will also offer you solutions to support you throughout any changes to your working methods and procedures if necessary.

All the essential points will be checked carefully in order to obtain an irreproachable service and a service worthy of the name.

A methodical and complete examination of the premises and the service will be given to you in the form of a report in order to identify areas for improvement.


How to objectively evaluate the quality offered to your customers?

The quality of your services and services can be measured. By using the expertise of an independent organization (in this case us), you benefit from an evaluation that is faithful to reality, thus making it possible to report on the customer experience.

Girault Pasqué offers you a quality, personalized and impartial service including:

– An in-depth analysis of the customer journey and service rituals.
Relevant evaluation grids adapted to your needs.
– An experienced Quality Ambassador.
Continuous support throughout the mission.

The deliverables obtained, written by an independent third party, provide usable information to know the actual level observed in the field and identify areas for improvement.

The mystery shopping process can be adapted to your needs with different facets and levels of detail.


Personalized mystery experience

Do you have a real vision of the perceived quality of all of your services?

It is with an objective, fresh look and meticulous attention to detail that our Ambassadors go to the place to be evaluated. Following a previously validated scenario, the mystery shopper adopts the role of an ordinary customer and examines various criteria such as the quality of the welcome, services and products. Strengths as well as areas requiring improvement are identified, thus making it possible to offer adapted and personalized solutions.


Emotional experience

What emotional impression do you leave on your customers?

The emotion visit is a method aimed at reflecting the image perceived by a customer, as well as the emotions aroused by their experience within your establishment. This approach engages the five senses and the sensory experience of the customer during their visit. Aspects such as decoration, welcome, general atmosphere and quality of care are all determining elements which influence the customer’s perception.


Anonymous call

What impression does your telephone reception leave on your customers?

The first telephone contact represents the first interaction with the customer, thus marking the first impression of the company. It is crucial to optimize the quality of customer relations by telephone. The call is recorded then carefully analyzed (telephone etiquette, arguments, language tics, speech rate, etc.) in order to provide advice aimed at improving communication with your customers.


Mystery Internet user

Is your site intuitive? Is the navigation smooth, is the information relevant? Are response times to requests appropriate? Is the exchange policy transparent?

With the rise of online commerce, it is essential for businesses to adapt to this new form of consumption. We offer you an in-depth assessment of these criteria while browsing your site. Additionally, we audit all other electronic communication tools such as emails and quote requests.


Here are some points of analysis

  • The quality of the bedding
  • The cleanliness of the room
  • The cleanliness of the reception
  • Room amenities
  • The quality of room service
  • Quality of staff service